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11 June 2027 @ 06:00 pm

semi-friends only!
comment to be considered to be added :]

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17 September 2016 @ 08:28 pm
have been listening to a lot of MCR recently.
listened to a bit of the tribute album, but not really feeling the covers I've heard so far.

still trying to process the news about kimi's death. RIP.
12 September 2012 @ 03:57 pm
hello, hello, this journal has been rather quiet for the past year.

watched "Liar Game: Reborn" on the flight home
the soundtrack is typical capsule/yasutaka nakata-y sounding
but the female lead character got so annoying at times
lol, the beginning sequence has a horror movie vibe

my roommates have the central fan/ac on all the time so its super dry indoors.
did some crazy furniture moving/balancing act to cover up my vent, so it's no so bad now.
I think I'm actually missing humid weather for once ._.
06 January 2011 @ 07:14 pm
random translationy thingy. gotta take a break before my tummy dies from watching SNL shorts.

蛋堡 - 熱水澡
soft lipa - warm bath
作詞:蛋堡 / 作曲:蛋堡
lyrics & composition: soft lipa

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04 June 2010 @ 07:29 pm
lol, on Sunday, I weeaboo-ed and went to see LM.C ...just b/c I wanted to go see something? and thought that LM.C shouldn't be too bad :'D
and it turned out pretty good, so yeah~ :D

and here you get my traditional/annual report thing, year 3.
There is a lot of rambling and idek what I wrote. Must've been written at 2am.
I think I'm only writing these so I'll remember what I did and be horrified at myself at the same time

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17 October 2009 @ 03:54 pm
decided to take the colorbars off my info/profile, but wanted to store them somewhere, so here is a storage post!
hmm, I haven't seen too many colorbars these days, and it's funny thinking about the times when everyone had colorbars. XD

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haven't been too active on lj lately, just lurking around occasionally.
everyone be sure to take care! &hearts

copy paste of what used to be in the interests section
"7up, bartendering, big 2, britney spears, cpop, death note, digimon, eating, epik high, f.i.r., fobby hair, food, green tea ice cream, h.naoto, haado gei, jam hsiao, jay chou, jpop, jrock, kagrra, kpop, l'arc~en~ciel, lupe fiasco, plastic tree, pokemon, psycho le cemu, radwimps, rihanna, sex pot revenge, tetsu69, twewy, w-inds., 五月天"

and the profile info
profile thingy

what is this?
hola. I'm just a really random person on the internets, so don't mind me... if you wanna add me, that's very considerate of you ^__^ but do comment and say who you are/ how I have some kind of connection to you/ etc..

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icons from plsforgetme, xcantante, potato_chippu, h_eechul, and x_formaldihiyde(me! :D). if I stole from you, go add a lot to my comments. I'll notice..eventually ;D

I am too lazy to update my lj on a regular basis and I can't html edit anything for [insert something worthless here] also, I can't be held responsible for any problems caused by reading my entries of non-sensical/incomprehensible randomness ^^;; this profile doesn't really reflect anything (current) about me either since I'm too lazy to constantly update it


I'm a (moldy on the inside)twinkie! with random asiany influences. (twinkie= yellow outside, white in) doesn't make sense /end. If you've read to here, you must be really bored, have no life, and/or is a stalker.

also too lazy/too much listening to Chinese grammar to be gramatically correct all the time, so deal with the inconsistent capitalizations; (therefore we have 小文字 [haha watching initial D is bad for one's health and doesn't help make my chinese any better])

my username doesn't really mean anything..or does it? It's really long and hard to spell out and really ugly
//end lameness ;D

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Current Music: plastic tree - consent
31 July 2009 @ 07:02 pm
...why yes, I do watch Dave Chappelle. occasionally. ;D

Around 1:50-ish... would explain a lot of things in my life. 囧


Oh yeah! Miyavi's (and Melody's) kid finally popped out. It's a girl~
and I still can't believe 382 is a daddy xDDDDDDDDD


everything down here is a test >___>; please ignore

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